BMW M4 in for Software change after 40,000 miles!!

First day back open today.

this lovley BMW M4 was in today after clocking up an impressive 40,000 miles on our stage 1 tune!!

in for a change of burbles on overrun to more extreme pops and bangs.

We are open again

Re-Open info!!!
We have made the decision to Re-Open in a capacity which will see us adhere so some very strict rules!

04 May 2020

BMW M3 in for stage 1 tune and coding

This lovely BMW M3 F80 was in today, completely transformed with GTS updates as well as offering software updates, creating one fantsatic tranformation!!

BMW 520d New G series for stage 1 tune

Stunning BMW 520d G series in today for stage 1 tuning.

this is the 2018 model which runs the MD1 ECU.

all tuned via OBD port as with most new BMW models.

BMW X3M Competition

BMW X3 M competition in today.

these run the new Bosch MG1 ECU's

but can now be tuned via OBD!!