Mercedes GLC63s dyno & stage 1 tune

Mercedes GLC63 s in today for GAD stage 1 tune and dyno.
making some great gains with a very hot dyno room.

Mercedes GLC63s in for stage 2 package

We had this lovley Mercedes GLC63 AMG s with us from Wales recently ??????????????????????????????????????????
this one had the dreaded PPF / OPF filters.
in for our stage 2 package, the noise difference is astonishing!

Mercedes GLC63 tuning packages

Mercedes GLC63 s in from a few weeks back.
we offer some very competitive stage 1 & stage 2 packages.

BMW M5 F90 comp stage 1

Stunning BMW f90 comp in for our stage 1 tune... putting some big numbers down!
Running twin Bosch MG1 ECU's, we bench tuned the ECUs in order to minimise any trace of tuning, also does NOT add to the flash counter unlike OBD tuning.

Mercedes C63 AMG in for stage 1 tune

This understated Mercedes C63AMG was with us for a stage 1 tune
now running some serious grunt!!!