2017 Audi A8 GAD tuned

yesterday we tuned this luxurious 2017 Audi A8.
the customer contacted me the night before after his inability to overtake safely causing concern.
the customer came all the way from Glasgow for the GAD treatment.

stage 2 GAD power VW Scirocco

I was very exited to meet the owner of this striking VW Scirocco, the owner of which is a local lady from Newcastle.


with an detailed account of what the driver wanted in terms of traction, bangs and pops & existing mods, we were able to write all the variables tailoring the software to the exact requirements.


also feedback of over fueling .

2017 Audi RS6 GAD tuned

Today we tuned an already mighty impressive Audi RS6 for a really top bloke who is already a GAD customer.


In stock trim this twin turbo V8 is very fast, this example with the performance pack which is in a light state of tune over the standard RS6... still we can improve on that ??

GAD Abarth 595 stage 1

We love an Abarth.


awesome 595 in for power tuning and burbles ****

Stock 180bhp and 230nm
Stage 1 210bhp and 300nm

Abarth Turbo conversion & build

We love a project car at GAD Tuning North :-)

Gad tuning were involved to write the software on this Abarth 135bhp version which had the following fitted;