BMW 335d dyno run

today we had our BMW 335d xdrive on the dyno today after all new software updates & a new tune.

Mercedes C220 in for tuning

This Mercedes C220 cdi coupe was in for tuning today, really lovely with the subtle body kit on.
just needed a bit more power to match, GAD can definitely help with that.

BMW M3 for stage 2 & M4 for stage 1

BMW M3 in for our Stage 2 package & BMW M4 in for Stage 1 package




Mercedes E350 saloon GAD tuned

Another impressive Mercedes E350 GAD tuned.

fantastic cars with plenty of scope for tuning!!

BMW M3 in for stage 1 tuning

Awesome stealth of a BMW M3 came in for power tuning!!! Truly awesome machine!!!

Stock 425bhp and 550nm
Stage 1 510bhp and 680nm


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