BMW 140i stage 1 tune

This BMW 140i was transformed by AutoSpec UK in Glasgow, visually absolutely stunning with presence.

BUT... of course you need the power and sounds to match!!

BMW 750i G11 stage 1 tune & dyno

This uber luxurious BMW 750i was in today for tuning & coding.

gains at the wheels +93WHP +70WTQ (ftlbs)!!!!

equates to roughly;

459>570bhp @ fly
757>870nm @ fly



Mercedes S350 in for stage 1 tune

Sleek Smooth Mercedes S350cdi with us today in for stage 1 tuning.

running the Bosch MED17CP45 we can easily tune these Via OBD, even with the latest software like this version.

BMW 750i G series for tuning & coding

Uber luxurious BMW 750i in today for tuning and coding.

This vehicle shares the same 4.4v8 twin turbo block with the F10 BMW M5 however with different turbos, inlet and cams.

but still plenty of scope for tuning.

Merceces C350 in for stage 1 GAD software

Mercedes C350cdi in from Scotland

Great car with so much scope for tuning.

02 Jun 2020