Mercedes CLA45 AMG stage 2 tune

Mercedes CLA45 AMG stage 2 tune

A few more pictures from last weeks stage 2 Mercedes CLA45 AMG.

highest mileage 45 AMG we have tuned; 70,000 miles; doesn't matter when GAD writes there own files in house from scratch, no generic files or part generic files!!



All mileage, service history and mods are taken in to account giving you the best possible software solution for your vehicle!

our customer was very impressed with results much better than he expected.

stunning car with all the best modifications making this baby AMG all the more special!

stock power 360bhp 450nm
stage 2 430bhp 560nm

??gains of +70bhp +110nm
??pops and bangs on overrun
?vmax release
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?? on 07889628971
?? email to
?? DM us directly on Insta or facebook

22 May 2020