Jeep Grand Cherokee stage 1 home visit

Jeep Grand Cherokee stage 1 home visit

We had a local customer booked in for a home visit yesterday with this lovley Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This top of the range Jeep grand Cherokee Summit, still has the reliable Mercedes 3.0cdi engine, later models run the Fiat brand engines.

in terms of software we wrote this specifically for towing his 1,700kg caravan, and was looking for more pulling power.

Stock power 241bhp 550nm
GAD power 270bhp 630nm

??gains +29bhp +80nm
??EGR valve close
?vmax release
?full decontamination and interior disinfected
Please contact us via the following....
?? on 07889628971
?? email to
?? DM us directly on Insta or facebook

27 May 2020