BMW 750i G series for tuning & coding

BMW 750i G series for tuning & coding

Uber luxurious BMW 750i in today for tuning and coding.

This vehicle shares the same 4.4v8 twin turbo block with the F10 BMW M5 however with different turbos, inlet and cams.

but still plenty of scope for tuning.


stock power - 450bhp & 650nm
GAD power - 540bhp & 780nm 


Huge thanks to Zed Coding for coding the follwing;

-Video in motion - Video via USB
-I-drive plays Same ringtone as phone
-Android Screen Mirroring - Auto Start Stop remembers last setting memory
-Alpina cluster
-M performance I drive bootup screen
-Rear Camera Zoom
-Bang & Olufsen DSP coded
-DRL on off via Idrive
-Alarm on off via Idrive
-Auto heated steering wheel on cold temps
-Deactivated Seatbelt warning
-One touch window close with door open
-Instant mirror fold on lock


??gains of +90bhp +130nm!!
??pops and bangs on overrun
?vmax release
?power readout display recalobrated

Please contact us via the following....
?? on 07889628971
?? email to
?? DM us directly on Insta or facebook

05 Jun 2020