Audi RS4 B9 in for stage 1 & dyno

Audi RS4 B9 in for stage 1 & dyno

Drop dead gorgeous Audi RS4 in for a stage 1 tune, I have literally never seen a car this well spec'd., super capable machine but needed something more!

We accessed this Bosch MG1 ECU via Bosch service mode which we accessed without ECU removal or Opening.

Dyno results;
gains @wheels +65bhp +108nm
gains @fly +79bhp +131nm

making way more than factory on the stock runs, she made around 565bhp & 927nm as a result!!!

really super results and a machine on the roads.

thanks so much to our Good customer who chose GAD for another vehicle after having used us previously, and nice to finally meet you, absolute Gentlemen ??

Thanks to our friends JM-Imports as always

??gains of +79bhp +131nm!!
??pops and bangs on overrun
?vmax release
??tuned via Bosch service mode
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?? on 07889628971
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26 Jul 2020